One Smart App

Stay connected to your home or business from anywhere with our top rated mobile apps. It's easy to manage your smart home or monitor your business with all your devices integrated into a single intuitive experience. With millions of downloads and users, is trusted to deliver a reliable, easy to use experience in a single app.

Mobile & Tablet

Access your smart home from a single screen.

  • View the status of your home from a single screen.
  • Control all of your connected devices.
  • Watch live or recorded video.
  • Get instant alerts if something happens.
  • Setup and manage custom alerts and Smart Schedules.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.
Accessible from any Smartphone or Tablet from

Apple Watch

Our app for Apple Watch uses quick, light interactions to make controlling your Smart Home as easy as checking the time. Control your security system, locks, lights, garage door and thermostats, watch video and get alerts.

Apple TV

Watch your video streams through our app for Apple TV. When you’re watching TV and the doorbell rings, or the baby starts crying, just scroll across to and see exactly what’s happening. Watch up to four simultaneous video streams in HD, from the comfort of your couch.

Amazon Fire TV

With our new app for Amazon Fire TV, you can stream continuous live video from your cameras to your TV. You can keep an eye on everything that’s happening around your home, even when you’re busy fixing dinner!

Pebble Watch

Stay connected to your system with the Pebble smart watch. You can check your system status, and get alerts to know what’s happening. Plus, you can control your system, lights, locks, garage door and thermostats. The app for Pebble is compatible with Android and iOS.